I'm Al, a 23 year old college graduate, who's based in the state of New Jersey. Fashion has always been a passion of mine, and recently I decided to put it to work. Growing up with a great sense of creativity, and an eye for the arts, I've always found it neat to create various projects.
Whether it was styling my sister and close friends, or attempting to take pictures of myself, I have always had that eye. As for thrifting, it became a passion of mine around my high school years. It made me feel and look good, while not burning a hole in my pocket. While out shopping for vintage pieces, I noticed that this was something I was good at, and decided to do something with this talent. 
With Styling Stingy, I want to be able to provide vintage & thrifted pieces at a great price. I want to lend my personal shopping & styling expertise to clients, this way they can capture a sense of fashionable fulfillment. Whether its within their closets, or within their wallets. Here, you will be able to do just that!
Along side my personal shopping services, I will also provide an in-depth journal section, music for my mood, and also my portfolio.