About Us

Stin·gy,ˈStinjē/: Not liking or wanting to give or spend a lot of money.
 Al-Fuquan Green, or simply Al, is a 25 year old creative individual stemming from the state of New Jersey. Growing up with a great sense of creativity, and an eye for the arts, he has always found it fulfilling to create various projects. With Styling Stingy being his latest, he hopes to inspire others, while taking part in something that he's truly passionate about. About 10 years ago was when he fell in love with thrifting. He looked at it as a way for him to stand out within the crowd, while not burning a hole in his pocket. Al later noticed that carrying a financially reasonable lifestyle was something he became very good at, and decided to share his talents with the public. 
Styling Stingy is a database that focuses on an inexpensive lifestyle, while yet maintaining a very stylish demeanor. A developing love for fashion and thrifted/vintage items brought upon the birth of the brand, which is also based out of New Jersey. Styling Stingy will give visitors the opportunity to shop thrifted/vintage pieces, receive personal services, explore the likes of events, view inexpensive food & travel experiences, and also see the brand’s volunteer work. With Styling Stingy, Al will show visitors that being stingy isn't just a mindset, but it’s also a lifestyle. A lifestyle that one can definitely benefit from financially, if done the right way. 
Styling Stingy sells thrifted items, which means some of the pieces may or may not have been pre-worn. Every item will be dry cleaned once purchased.