Issa Coat Drive

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This past weekend along with my friends Chanel & Tiara, I decided to attend Dj @Yochiinky's Bday event; Issa Coat Drive. Within this event, the admission was free of charge but only if you donated winter goods. The donations would go to any and every person that happened to be suffering from the cold this year. With myself being an advocate for giving back & also very stingy prices, aka free admission, I definitely resonated with this event. So, throughout the week we gathered a number of items, and donated them with no hesitation. 
With this post, I tried to do something a bit different. I decided to shoot my actual first Vlog, which by the way I enjoyed so much. I definitely will be doing more Vlogs for the many events I have coming up in the coming weeks. Just so I can show you guys a day in the life of Styling Stingy, & show you the raw & real part of my life. Hopefully you guys will enjoy the video below. Enjoy! 

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