Metropolitan Museum of Art Day Trip

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Where do I begin... I will never forget the moment when I saw Rihanna grace the red carpet, of the ever so glamorous 2009 M.E.T Gala in New York City. The look she wore still, till this day, plays clearly in my mind. Ever since then I told myself that I would visit the M.E.T one day. I added it to my bucket list, but never planned the time to go. That ended yesterday, thankfully. In the pouring rain & windy conditions, I entered the great doors during my NY day trip, & experienced a moment that I will never forget. 
 The amazing thing about the M.E.T, besides the art of course, is that the admission price is "pay what you wish". Now, with me being an advocate for a stingy lifestyle, I was all in. I donated what I could, and had the chance to experience two hours worth of history & art. Within the many floors of the M.E.T, I had the chance to visit the Egyptian History exhibit, the Islamic exhibit, the European Art exhibit, & the Anna Wintour Costume Center
Below, you will be able to see various pictures I decided to snap of each exhibit & also some New York City scenery. Mainly because, I just couldn't help it! Enjoy.
European Art exhibit:Islamic exhibit:Egyptian History exhibit:Anna Wintour Costume Center:
MET Museum NY

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