Finally A Vacation

Posted by Al-Fuquan Green on

After months and months of working my butt off, I decided that it was time for a vacation. I rounded up a few of my closest friends, picked a destination out of a hat, and went to planning. I knew that the most exciting part would be choosing looks to wear, and that it was.I gave myself the task of personal shopping for myself, within a slight budget. I wanted to test my skills and see if I could stay within a specific price range, while shopping for a 4 night 5 day vacation. I visited two different thrift stores, put $40.00 to the side, and compiled 10 different looks. Yes, 10 looks within the budget of $40.00.While on my trip, I will be putting together a visual diary. My diary will include photos of the 10 different looks, activities that have taken place, and the location itself. I will be creating this just to let you guys into my stay, and to also share my personal shopping experience.

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