SS Series: A Moment with Avi & Al Ep 3.

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For this episode of, A Moment with Avi & Al, we decided to cook one of our favorite meals on a stingy budget. While visiting our local shopping store, Aldi, we decided to get an array of items to make "Stingy Tacos". In total, we only spent $13 and also had the chance to make my homemade guacamole as well. You can watch the entire process below, and also see our recipe as well! I hope you guys enjoy! 
"Stingy Tacos" Recipe
1 Tomato 
6 Limes 
1 Onion 
1 Head Of Lettuce 
2 Avocados 
Hard Taco Shells 
Soft Taco Wraps 
1 Bag of Sharp Cheddar Cheese 
1 Small Bag of Taco Seasoning 
1 lb of Ground Turkey 
Carton of Sour Cream
Garlic Powder
Lawrys Seasoning Salt
Stingy Tacos Routine: 
- To start, we chopped up the 1 Tomato, 1 Onion, 6 Limes & 1 Head of Lettuce. 
-After chopping up those items, we then made my famous Guac! 
For the Guac, to start, you have to cut both Avocados directly in the middle. 
Then remove the hard center and scoop out the part that really matters. 
After putting the insides of the Avocado inside of a bowl, you will then add the onions you chopped up before, the 6 limes, a dash of Garlic Powder, dash of Pepper, and a dash of Salt.
- Next is the Ground Turkey.. 
After putting a small amount of water inside of the pan, and the stove on a medium hot temp, you will then add the Ground Turkey to the pan. 
As it begins to brown, you can add the Garlic Powder, Taco Seasoning, Lawry's Seasoning Salt, & Black Pepper.
Continue to mix around the contents, and once the water is out of the pan, and the meat has turned to a nice brown, you can remove it from the heat.
- Finally, you will just have to heat up your tortillas, and the rest is up to you with the contents!
Food Stingy

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