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While coming up with a few new ideas for Styling Stingy, I decided to create an audio section for the site. I really wanted you guys to be able to listen to the songs that I play while creating, and while I am in my work mode.
With SS Audio, you will also be able to find a playlist that fits a specific mood, and one that fits a specific collaboration. The music platform I use happens to be Spotify, so.. If you're really enjoying what you hear, you can follow me by typing in "Al-Fuquan Green" on the Spotify App and giving me a follow. 
Now, the first playlist I'm going to share with you guys is called, "Lid at Night". I felt like these songs simply put a lid on the end of my night. Whether it was after a long day of work, or after me mistakenly giving all of my energy to the wrong person.
Which explains... "Lid At Night".
PS: I recommend you guys listen to all of SS's playlists on shuffle.
They sound even better.
Creatives Music Playlist

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