SS Series: A Thrifters Guide To A Gender Neutral Wardrobe.

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Hey guys! So, I would like for you all to meet Desiree. Over the past few months, we've connected over social media and learned that we both had a passion for thrifting. A passion that pretty much takes part in our day to day life. Once finally meeting, we came up with the idea to collaborate & create a series. We wanted this series collaboration to show people that, most if not all thrifted pieces can actually be gender neutral. Whether if it's, a satin robe or even pink trousers. Who's to say that both genders couldn't rock them their own way?
For the first episode of this "Gender Neutral Series", we decided to focus on Satin Pajamas. Mainly because nightwear has easily become a major staple for outerwear, and with that being said we wanted to show how neutral it is. Below, you will be able to see us bring these looks to life and have fun at the same time! Enjoy! 
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