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 So, this past weekend I decided to venture off to New York. Just so I could handle a few meetings, and do some extracurricular activities for the site. I wanted to take advantage of having a day all to myself, but the cold weather was determined to let me not be great. Which didn't happen in the long run.
For lunch.. My fellow colleague, TyLauren, decided that we should go to "Citizens of Chelsea". I would have to say that, the food was amazing & nicely priced. 
I decided to opt for a traditional Egg & Cheese sandwich on a Garlic and Cheddar Biscuit. Which was a perfect decision.
After lunch, I finally visited the Louis Vuitton Exhibit in New York. I witnessed so many people attending the event on Instagram, and finally made my way there. You will be able to see a few pictures that I captured during my tour below.
As for how much it was... FREE. Which is definitely apart of my stingy lifestyle. 
Hope you guys enjoy.
Also: More write-ups about free galleries are coming soon!
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