Fenty University

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SO! Last Friday, I decide to attend Rihanna's event, "Fenty University", at Bloomingdales in New York. I was a little apprehensive about going, only because I was envisioning the crowd that may be there. But, I went with my gut and attended anyways. My best friend Marcia Payton was by my side, and we had an amazing time. To make a long post short, I will just say that meeting Rihanna was a moment I will never forget. She smelled like a bowl of roses, and looked like perfection. We also had the chance to meet other fans, get interviewed by the Daily News, and meet model Slick Woods. To sum the entire event up, I can say it was a success. Below, you will also be able to see the look I wore for the event. Which consisted of Fenty x Puma black creepers, Vintage Blue Jeans & a Vintage Blue Blazer as well. Hope you guys enjoy this read! 

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